How do I place an order for more than one chair?

If you are interested in ordering more than one of the exact same chair then please fill out the order form for the specific chair you would like and then contact us at customerservice@yourcustomchair.com to let us know how many of that chair you would like us to build.  If you are interested in multiple chairs, but each one is slightly different (i.e. different customization, different crown/arm combinations), then you will need to fill out a separate order form for each chair.


Can I get my chair in less than 4 weeks?

Yes, we offer 2 expedited processing options.  We will produce your chair within 6-9 business days of receiving final art approval for an incremental fee of $30.  We can also produce your chair within 10-15 business days for an incremental charge of $20.  Otherwise, all of our chairs are built within 20 business days of final art approval.


Do you offer expedited Shipping?

Our chairs are shipped standard UPS Ground or Fedex Ground.  In most cases, standard ground shipping can reach anywhere in the US within 4-5 days.  In some situations, a customer may want to ship a finished chair even more quickly.  Each shipping company has different rates for expedited shipping throughout the US.  Please contact 

customerservice@yourcustomchair.com for a quote.



How can I customize my chair?

We offer several ways for you to customize your chair.  First and foremost, you can choose to have any symbol, logo, seal, crest or any artwork of your liking, laser engraved on our Cherry or Black crown.  In addition, on the front of the chair, you can laser engrave up to 3 lines of text, with up to 30 characters per line (e.g.  John A. Smith ’97, School of Engineering).  The Cherry crown will have the artwork and text appear in black engraving, while the Black crown shows the engraving in gold.  Also, a brass plaque can be applied to the back of any crown with up to 5 lines of custom text with up to 30 characters per line (e.g. John A. Smith, Department of History, Chairman 1999-2017).  Finally, if you would like to express yourself in color, our black crown can be customized by applying a full color laser cut decal to the front of the crown.

Your Chair

Can I return my chair?

 Unfortunately, because each and every one of our chairs is customized to the liking of a particular customer, we do not accept any returns.


 Do you ship Internationally?

No, unfortunately we are not able to ship internationally at this time.