Personalized Corporate Chair

Personalized corporate chairs make a special statement wherever they are placed. Whether that be in the home or in the office, a custom corporate chair is an excellent gift for business owners or especially dedicated employees. The personalized corporate chair comes in many variations, is extremely customizable, and is a unique way to remember years of hard work.

Including a space for up to three personalized lines on the front of the chair and a total of five personalized lines engraved on a premium brass plaque on the back, our custom chairs are designed to not only be comfortable, but to also fit perfectly with the décor of one’s home or office.

Constructed from beautiful Malaysian oak and finished with a black lacquer coat, these chairs are built with a high degree of attention to detail and care. In addition, the gold finishing and scooped seat make for a luxury experience, and a professional look. The personalized corporate chair is the perfect gift for one who is retiring from years of hard work, dedicated service on the board, or just simply recognizing years on the job.