About Us

Your Custom Chair

The principals of Your Custom Chair LLC have been directly involved with creating and selling consumer products for over 50 years, with an emphasis on merchandise for the college market for the last 30 years. Selling directly to consumers requires being tuned into the trends of the past and the changing requirements of the future. Our company is dedicated to developing products that satisfy important needs while embracing the aspirations that characterize the coming generations. Interestingly, a chair has become our first product. For hundreds of years, the presentation of a chair has recognized individual achievements.

A chair was a symbol of retirement, that could be useful in retirement

A chair was a tangible reward for a job well done in commerce or service

A chair was a gift from one generation to previous generations in appreciation

A chair was a physical connection to one’s respected and revered institution

Our mission was to find a way to bring this traditional product into the modern world.

Our next mission is to find and develop other products that respond to our customer’s needs in a manner that keeps up with their aspirations for sustainability, high quality and durability at a reasonable price.

The Look

Our Chair is a product of the best in a global economy. The chair is imported from Malaysia.  Its symbols are designed and engraved in Rhode Island. Finally, the chair is hand-assembled and shipped directly to the recipient’s home from New York.


Our Chair is eco-friendly. Instead of relying upon the cutting of hardwood forests in the United States, the wood we use is grown commercially in Malaysia. Our wood is called Malaysian Oak or Rubberwood—for thirty years these trees produce latex for the rubber industries. Only after these trees have exhausted their latex contribution are they harvested for furniture. Then new trees are planted and the eco-friendly cycle begins anew.

thirty-year warranty

Our Chair seeks to honor those who receive the chairs, while
assuring those who purchase and gift the chair that our high quality will be protected with a thirty-year warranty.


Our Chair represents quality plus value. Our skill and history in finding and developing consumer-oriented products means our chair is available at a price 25% to 40% below any other such chair on the market.